6 signed hiking trails are to be discovered by you:

  • north tour: park / forest / lighthouse
  • south tour: park / golf course / beach
  • Saltvík tour: lakes & berries
  • lake tour: Botsvatn
  • mountain tour: Húsavíkurfjall
  • cape tour: Bakki


Swimming is important for every Icelander! So Húsavík offers several posibilities:

  • Sundlaug Húsavikur: swimming pool
  • Húsavíkurhöfn: beach & bay
  • Ostakarið: hot tub


A nice 9 hole parcour enbedded between mountains and the sea is waiting for swing.


Interested in a bit of Icelandic culture? Here is your selection:

  • Húsavík Whale Museum
  • Húsavík Museum: icelandic culture
  • The Exploration Museum

Horse riding

The icelandic horse is a unique breed: strong, endurable and the only horse capable to run on five different speeds.


Visit Saltvík for horse riding lessons. Get a 10% discount!

BIRD watching

Ornithology enthusiasts will love the hotspots:

  • Lake districts: Great Northern Divers, Horned Grebes, Mergansers, Whooper Swans and Tufted Ducks
  • Cliffs: Fulmars, Kittiwake, Great-Black-Backed Gulls, Golden Plovers and Arctic Tern
  • Harbour & Bay: Fulmars, Guillemots, Skuas, Gannets, Eider and Mergansers
  • Lundey: Puffins!


Traditional icelandic food, pizza or mediterranean delies. You will find a place to dine!

  • Brasserie: mediterranean
  • Salka: pizza & fish
  • Fjaran: grill
  • Naustið: sea food


You will be amazed how many persons are celebrating together:

  • Mærudagar: THE EVENT! Family and culture festival held the last weekend in July. Everyone is on the street!
  • Energy Race: 60 km cross country skiing (the longest race in Iceland) in April